Mystery Sonata

A Lifetime of Music

Mystery Sonata explores music from unconventional perspectives, celebrating diversity in art. So in keeping with this theme, phuriosa digital created an elegant and tasteful web presence for this musical ensemble.


This custom design and build uses the Bootstrap Web Framework. Because of this, user experience is consistent. As a result, the website works as well on your phone as it does your laptop.

In addition to the infrastructure, we also created the graphics. While the monochrome evokes a sense of mystery, the splash of color consequently focuses the viewer.

As a result of the design brief, we chose a clean, modern font.

And we went with a monochromatic pallete, accented by green. Due to the contrast, the color and font weights guide the eye.

In addition we embedded audio and video samples of the ensemble’s work.

Also included are links to social media, maybe one of the most effective ways to keep up with artists.