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Before the Just Ask e-commerce site of today, there was Reggie Bibbs. He started Just Ask as a simple concept. Reggie Bibbs spent the first 40 years of his life in hiding with a little known disorder called neurofibromatosis. He was concerned about how his particular disfigurement affected people that didn’t know him. He was less concerned about how they made him feel as he was with how he made them feel. Reggie struggled to find a way to spread awareness and let people know that he, at heart, was no different than anyone else. As a result, Reggie teamed up with Lou Congelio, Creative Director of CongelioVB, an advertising agency in Houston, TX.

Reggie approached Lou with a simple, yet ingenious idea. First of all, to design a t-shirt and business card campaign featuring the slogan “Just Ask”. So the shirts and business cards were designed to make others feel comfortable approaching Reggie. Consequently this gave him the opportunity and confidence interact with total strangers. And to tell them about NF.

He wanted people to “Just Ask” about his condition – and ask they did! As momentum built, the then-nascent WordPress blog website was a perfect tool to help get the word out about NF. In addition, Lou used Flickr to post pictures of his outings with Reggie.While at local sporting events and festivals, many people would Just Ask Reggie, and he would have the opportunity to get the word out about NF. phuriosa digital is proud of our ongoing partnership with Reggie and the Just Ask Foundation. Because of this, we have been involved in the design and development of the website.


Because of low barriers to entry, the web has always been a vital and central part of the Just Ask Foundation’s outreach mission. So the website has changed from the blog on wordpress.com it started as over a decade ago. In addition, it has gone through a period of being a chat server for the international NF community. As a result of rapid change in technology, it is now an information hub and e-commerce site.
Because phuriosa digital believes that service to your community is important, we have been along for nearly every step of the way. Probably what we are most proud of is that Reggie is our friend.

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