Ben Carrettin MA, NCC, LPC, LCDC

“I am here to help”

Ben Carrettin is a nationally board certified and licensed professional counselor as well as a seasoned and accomplished behavioral expert. Mr. Carrettin wanted a website that would allow potential clients to learn about him and the services he offered. And he wanted to do so in a way that was easy to use and looked good. phuriosa digital designed a site that is clean and elegant, where the focus is on the content. Content that is easy to find, and presented in an attractive and easily used manner. We also created a downloadable pdf file containing all the necessary paperwork. This helps streamline the client onboarding process.

We also secured the site with https. This helps to insure the privacy of visitors and of data. To make sure the site is always up, we use best in class CDNs. We also use edge caching services. This means that the data going to the visitor’s device is coming from servers that are nearby.


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