Ben Carrettin MA, NCC, LPC, LCDC

Ben Carrettin, Counselor

“I am here to help”

Ben Carrettin is a nationally board certified and licensed professional counselor as well as a seasoned and accomplished behavioral expert. Mr. Carrettin wanted a website that would allow potential clients to learn about him and the services he offered. And he wanted to do so in a way that was easy to use and looked good. phuriosa digital designed a site that is clean and elegant, where the focus is on the content. Content that is easy to find, and presented in an attractive and easily used manner. We also created a downloadable pdf file containing all the necessary paperwork. This helps streamline the client onboarding process.

We also secured the site with https. This helps to insure the privacy of visitors and of data. To make sure the site is always up, we use best in class CDNs. We also use edge caching services. This means that the data going to the visitor’s device is coming from servers that are nearby.


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Mystery Sonata

Mystery Sonata Musical Ensemble

A Lifetime of Music

Mystery Sonata explores music from unconventional perspectives, celebrating diversity in art. So in keeping with this theme, phuriosa digital created an elegant and tasteful web presence for this musical ensemble.


This custom design and build uses the Bootstrap Web Framework. Because of this, user experience is consistent. As a result, the website works as well on your phone as it does your laptop.

In addition to the infrastructure, we also created the graphics. While the monochrome evokes a sense of mystery, the splash of color consequently focuses the viewer.

As a result of the design brief, we chose a clean, modern font.

And we went with a monochromatic pallete, accented by green. Due to the contrast, the color and font weights guide the eye.

In addition we embedded audio and video samples of the ensemble’s work.

Also included are links to social media, maybe one of the most effective ways to keep up with artists.

Just Ask Foundation

Just Ask Foundation logo

Just Ask!

Before the Just Ask e-commerce site of today, there was Reggie Bibbs. He started Just Ask as a simple concept. Reggie Bibbs spent the first 40 years of his life in hiding with a little known disorder called neurofibromatosis. He was concerned about how his particular disfigurement affected people that didn’t know him. He was less concerned about how they made him feel as he was with how he made them feel. Reggie struggled to find a way to spread awareness and let people know that he, at heart, was no different than anyone else. As a result, Reggie teamed up with Lou Congelio, Creative Director of CongelioVB, an advertising agency in Houston, TX.

Reggie approached Lou with a simple, yet ingenious idea. First of all, to design a t-shirt and business card campaign featuring the slogan “Just Ask”. So the shirts and business cards were designed to make others feel comfortable approaching Reggie. Consequently this gave him the opportunity and confidence interact with total strangers. And to tell them about NF.

He wanted people to “Just Ask” about his condition – and ask they did! As momentum built, the then-nascent WordPress blog website was a perfect tool to help get the word out about NF. In addition, Lou used Flickr to post pictures of his outings with Reggie.While at local sporting events and festivals, many people would Just Ask Reggie, and he would have the opportunity to get the word out about NF. phuriosa digital is proud of our ongoing partnership with Reggie and the Just Ask Foundation. Because of this, we have been involved in the design and development of the website.


Because of low barriers to entry, the web has always been a vital and central part of the Just Ask Foundation’s outreach mission. So the website has changed from the blog on it started as over a decade ago. In addition, it has gone through a period of being a chat server for the international NF community. As a result of rapid change in technology, it is now an information hub and e-commerce site.
Because phuriosa digital believes that service to your community is important, we have been along for nearly every step of the way. Probably what we are most proud of is that Reggie is our friend.

e-commerce site

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Boulder International Chamber Music Competition

BICMC logo

The Art of Duo

The Art of Duo presented by the Boulder International Chamber Music Competition focuses on the chamber music in its most intimate form – duo with piano. Hence their mission: to encourage and support excellence and musical partnership between pianists and other instrumentalists by offering a competition adjudicated by internationally acclaimed judges in Boulder, CO.



To help achieve this, phuriosa digital helped create a visually distinct image for The Art Of Duo. We capitalize on the stunning Flatiron Mountains, near the site of the competition. We choose distinctive typography and a fresh color palette. along with visual references to the nature of the competition. Thus were the two logos seen created, one mainly for digital, and one mainly for print.


website on different devices

We know that competitors, judges, and other interested people will primarily be looking for useful information that is easy to get to. Therefore, we created a clean, accessible website that looks good on all devices: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. And more importantly, it works and is useful on all devices as well.

Program Book

BICMC 2016 program book
program book
Furthermore, we created a program book, using the same palette, typography, and visual cues. Also within was biographical information on all the judges, the resident composer, and the twenty one duos in the final rounds of the competition. Adjacent to each duo’s biography is a listing of the repertoire they were performing. This full-color program book also functions as a memento of the occasion.

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