Phuriosa Digital

Who we are

We are a web design and development company based in Houston, Texas. Our main business is designing professional, effective, successful websites at affordable and competitive prices.

In addition to web design, we also design logos and print materials.

Whether you are a small start-up or an established company, a web presence is invaluable. It means being available 24/7 for your current clients. It also means attracting new clients, and widening your prospective audience.

Website security is on everyone’s minds these days. Click to learn more.

What we do

We have twenty years of experience designing and building successful websites. Web design is our specialty: everything from single page brochure sites to dynamic content management systems. We also design logos and print material.

phuriosa digital offers website hosting and website security configuration. We provide basic SEO services, focused on local results.

Most of our new business comes from word of mouth and customer recommendations. Consequently, we’re proud of that. Because it means we’re doing our job right!

How we do it

Our success in web design comes from our ability to provide a complete solution, from design to publishing and beyond. We achieve this through our capability to perform all of the tasks associated with the development of a dynamic, modern, responsive website.

Our success is lies in your success. To this end, we establish lines of communication. And we use them. We make sure everyone has the same expectations. As a result, we fulfill those expectations.

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News & Info

  • Is Your Website Secure?- Website Security Website security is a pretty hot topic right now. Websites being hacked and people's personal information being stolen are in the news everyday. Consider just this year. We have seen a major hotel group have customer data stolen from at least 1200 of their properties. A security breach…


Design Process

From completely custom designed web apps to standard WordPress installs to customized CMS systems, phuriosa digital can help you conceive, implement, and maintain your online presence, a vital part of doing business in today’s world.

phuriosa digital web design

We believe it is our job to present your company in the most appealing and useful fashion possible, through online presence. Consequently, we work with you to create a website that is both distinctive and useful, like your company.

Our thinking is that no one knows your business better than you do, so we keep in constant contact with you to insure that your website and online presence is relevant to your industry. Both during the design process and afterward.

Our process works like this:

First Meeting
We learn a bit more about each other. Learning what your goals and expectations are allows us to let you know how we intend to meet and fulfill them. We discuss your competitors and their efforts. Then we agree on a budget and a tentative timeline. We finalize an intention to move forward on the project together.
Second Meeting
This is where we present solutions. A simple brochure website. A content management system with a blog. Social media. Local search optimization. We decide if we will be generating original content (images to use, infographics, text for the website, creation of social media posts) for your online presence, you will be providing the content, or we will use a mix of the two approaches. After, we listen to your initial feedback and agree on a date when you will give us your decision as to which solution to move forward with.
Third Meeting
We show and explain a working model of the website and online presence. Then we listen to any issues or concerns you may have, and we express any issues or concerns we may have. Furthermore, we schedule a tentative launch date for the website and online presence.
Fourth Meeting
About one week after launch, we get together and discuss any issues that may have arisen. We agree to resolve any issues that have arisen, and set up any reporting that is due to be delivered to you.


The security of your website and your website visitor’s information is first and foremost to phuriosa digital. With the current website security breaches in the news today and the fact that Google has stated that secured websites rank higher, there is no reason to not have security on your website. A good first move is transitioning your website to https. Let phuriosa digital help you obtain a certificate and configure your website to use it, economically and quickly.

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Below are a few examples of our work

BICMC logo

Boulder International Chamber Music Competition

The Art of Duo The Art of Duo presented by the Boulder International Chamber Music Competition focuses on the chamber music in its most intimate form – duo with piano. Hence their mission: to encourage and support excellence and musical partnership between pianists and other instrumentalists by offering a competition adjudicated by internationally acclaimed judges …

Just Ask Foundation logo

Just Ask Foundation

Just Ask! Before the Just Ask e-commerce site of today, there was Reggie Bibbs. He started Just Ask as a simple concept. Reggie Bibbs spent the first 40 years of his life in hiding with a little known disorder called neurofibromatosis. He was concerned about how his particular disfigurement affected people that didn’t know him. …

Mystery Sonata Musical Ensemble

Mystery Sonata

A Lifetime of Music Mystery Sonata explores music from unconventional perspectives, celebrating diversity in art. So in keeping with this theme, phuriosa digital created an elegant and tasteful web presence for this musical ensemble. Website This custom design and build uses the Bootstrap Web Framework. Because of this, user experience is consistent. As a result, …

Ben Carrettin, Counselor

Ben Carrettin MA, NCC, LPC, LCDC

“I am here to help” Ben Carrettin is a nationally board certified and licensed professional counselor as well as a seasoned and accomplished behavioral expert. Mr. Carrettin wanted a website that would allow potential clients to learn about him and the services he offered. And he wanted to do so in a way that was …